Water level 2014 - river Glomma at Hummelvoll - about 15 km upstream from Eidsfossen waterfall

Fly Fishing Reports 2014

water level - 588,28

Welcome back to Kvennan Fly Fishing - fishing reports ! After a long winter now it's time to go fishing again. Glomma at Tolga - Tynset opens tomorrow, but we have fished a bit in the Hodalen Lakes. We had quite a few nice grayling and Marius landed a real big one: 1,6 kg and about 58 cm long ...

Huge grayling from Hodalen lakes - 1,6 kg , about 58 cm - May 2014  

What a beauty, we haven't seen many grayling this large at Hodalen. Then there was a 4,2 kg wild brown trout, also from the Hodalen lakes, who couldn't resist a lure fished by Marius' aunt ...

River Glomma has been quite big because of the spring flood, now most of the snow has melted and fly fishing conditions for the next weeks seem to be promising. I guess the river will fall a bit more the coming days, and stabilize around 588,00 (meters above sea level) - a decent water level for this early in the fly fishing season.

water level - 588,30

After some thunderstorms in the weekend the water in Glomma came up again. I think the fishing can be nice if you know where to go - there are good spots to fish with dry flies, even when the water level is a bit high. Good results can be had with stonefly imitations, and as always midge imitations such as the zebra dry fly will bring up almost every grayling.
Depending on the amount of rain the river will fall in the next days and the fishing will improve quickly. Stay tuned, in a few days I will post a video report with some dry fly action.

fast water in the lower part of the fly fishing zone - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,95

Right now the water level is falling, and the level is normal again for the time of the year. The temperature is not normal, it is much higher then usual, with the obvious result of real early hatches of several caddis species: micro caddis size 16 - 20, but I also see size 10 dark brown caddis around. Most of these caddis seem to hatch in the fast water, that's where you will also see the gulls hunting for a nice snack. In the slow flowing and deep water below the bridge I observed several very splashy takes - trout hunting for caddis ? Anyway, the fishing is nice, and when the wind is not to strong the fly fishing conditions at Kvennan Fly Fishing are quite good.

water level - 587,74

The level in Glomma is falling, the water temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius (normal would be 9,3 degrees) and every day there are more rising fish to be seen. In the afternoon there are hatches of Baetis rhodani and Baetis niger, and a few are large hatches of size 18 caddis at slow flowing stretches. Wind from the north makes the fishing a bit tricky.

I met Bernd from Germany in the river when he was playing a 48 cm grayling, on Sunday I fished the Eidsfossen zone and landed about 20 grayling, largest fish between 45 and 50 cm, and none of them smaller than 40 cm, on nymph (a few), on dry flies (more) and on streamer (most). 

green CDC emerger - Photo HVA 

Best dry fly was a green CDC emerger , best streamer a Glomma dog. I hooked and lost a trout that went downstream with incredible speed, I estimate this fish about 1,5 kg. He took the green emerger.

Glomma dog streamer - photo HVA  

water level - 587,73

While the weather is totally lousy, cold, rainy, there is fresh snow on the mountain tops and the strong wind from the north is quite awful, the fly fishing is nothing short of spectacular right now at Kvennan Fly Fishing. There are massive hatches of several baetis species, the aurivillii may fly and a number of caddis species are hatching or laying eggs. I see rising fish everywhere, the best time to be in the river seems to be the afternoon. The pic shows a nice trout (1,2 kg) I landed in the fly fishing zone, it took a green CDC emerger. It looks a bit small next to my #6 rod, but this strong torpedo shaped fish gave a memorable fight before I released her. There were also a number of very good sized grayling, all on dries.

1,2 kg trout on dry fly, fly fishing zone - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,73

The strong wind from the north has stopped, the weather is nice and sunny but still a bit cold. The water level is just fine. Last week I guided several groups, we had decent fly fishing on dry flies. Caddis in sizes 12-16, light brown were favorite. Europe 12 worked also fine. The picture shows Arno from Holland with a good sized grayling from the fly fishing zone. In a few days I will place a new video report showing last weeks conditions and a lot of rising fish.

Arno from Holland with a good sized grayling from the Fly Fishing zone - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,65

This time a video about rising fish in river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing. Almost every day there are big hatches of may flies and several caddis species as described in the previous reports below. The fishing can be very good right now, and the afternoons seem to be the best time to be in the river. 

water level - 587,68

The water level in Glomma is quite stable now, the weather is improving, and the river fishes very good. There are really massive hatches of small dark caddis, in the afternoon and evening they will be laying eggs, and if you are in the river your waders and boots will be covered with tiny green eggs.
I think the Fly fishing zone gives the best results right now, the water temperature is still a bit low. The Eidsfossen zone will provide very good fishing as soon as the water temperature increases a bit.

Marius landed a good grayling on dry fly - Photo HVA  

At Hodalen lakes the Vulgata may fly is hatching and big grayling and mountain whitefish can be found feeding on them. Last weekend I fished with Marius, the pictures show one of the many grayling he landed on dry flies in the fly fishing zone.

good sized grayling from the fly fishing zone - photo HVA  

water level - 587,41

Beautiful weather, a bit low and constant water level in the river, not much wind and biting fish - great conditions for fly fishing now in river Glomma. Alessandro from Italy reported a 50 cm grayling on a size 16 caddis, Jorgen from Sweden mentioned good fishing with 45 cm + grayling using tiny flies (for instance his pattern Dynamite Harry ). So small caddis, size 16 - 18 cream coloured, size 18 olive may flies, midge imitations in small sizes all work right now. With this warm weather and a rising water temperature I recommend to fish the faster flowing sections, the Eidsfossen zone fishes quite good at the moment.

big river fly fishing - Photo HVA  

I met a French couple at the river, and they told me about their fishing. The strong wind made the fishing in the beginning of their week a bit tough, but even worse was what happened with one of the fly rods. To keep it from being blown to the ground the lady put her rod against the car mirror of the rented car, while her husband shut of the locks using the remote control. The stupid mirror flipped inside and - snap - the fly rod was gone ....

potential rod breaker !  photo HVA  

water level - 587,37

The weather is not so stable anymore, there is rain and thunder storms almost every day. However, the water level is not changing, and a constant water level almost always means good fishing. It can be difficult to determine the best fly since there are not so many hatches as a few weeks ago. Night fishing can be quite good now using caddis and caddis puppa.

just before the rain - Photo HVA  

The picture above shows Jurgen and Kalle from Sweden, watching the river just before the rain comes in. We fished together last week, and in the lower section of the fly fishing zone we landed a good number of grayling. Not very big, but we had pleasant dry fly fishing anyway. Good flies were Klinkhamer, Zebra, cdc emergers and supper puppa.

57 cm - 2,0 kg grayling ...  

Last Saturday I landed this beauty - 57 cm and 2,0 kg ..... What a fish ! My fishing season until now has been great with several 1 kg + trout, biggest one was 1,6 kg, and about 10 grayling > 1 kg, thanks to very good fly fishing conditions around Glomma watershed this summer.

water level - 587,54

The warm summer weather is back, and it looks like it will stay warm for another week at least. Nice for holiday makers but not necessarily so nice for us fly fishermen, because in daytime there are hardly any insects active, and there are no hatches at all. In the night it can be better with caddis activity.

summer at Glomma - Photo HVA  

Dry fly fishing still can be effective, searching the water with an ant works fine right now, just as daddy long legs, of course midge patterns work, and flies like supper puppa. today I met two guys from Sweden who fished the Eidsfossen zone, they were quite satisfied with grayling on dry fly up to about 45 cm. On Friday August 1st and Saturday August 2nd the fly fishing zone is closed, there will be some matches for the Norwegian Fly Fishing Championship in our stretch. The Eidsfossen zone stays open. For more info, contact me at kff@kvennan.com.

water level - 587,41

The warm weather is still here, the forecast says after the weekend it will be much cooler. Great. It will be good for the fishing. However, there are nice reports from the fly fishing zone: a Dutch fly fisherman landed a 45 cm grayling on a #18 Black & Silver nymph, Mikael from Sweden with his sun and friend who I guided this week reported good caddis fishing in the night with fish up to 40cm, Jurgen and Regina from Germany (I guided them on Monday) had some nice fish on red and black parachute ants, and Jurgen lost a good fish that took quite a bit of line.

Mikael, his sun and a friend fishing the Eidsfossen zone - Photo HVA  

Hakan and Magnus from Sweden tried river Grimsa, only about an hour's drive from KFF, and they had a few good sized grayling in between the thunderstorms on dry flies in a spectacular landscape.

1,5 kg grayling from around Glomma watershed - Photo HVA

On the picture a 1,5 kg grayling I landed a week ago. It took an emerger.

water level - 587,30

Not much has changed, the water level in Glomma is still stable and pretty low, and there are no major hatches during day time. Nymph fishing can pay off, all techniques such as Czech nymphing, French nymphing or just using an indicator will work fine if you know how to use them properly. Use imitations of terrestrials to search the water if you prefer to fish with dry fly. My Glomma Dog streamer brings me good results in the fast water. Water temp right now : Glomma at KFF - 16° , Vangrofta 16°, Rena at hang bridge 14°. For the next few days heavy rain showers are predicted, so fly fishing conditions might change a lot this week. At midnight it will be completely dark, and caddis / pupa fishing is recommended.

Marius fishing river Vangrofta - Photo HVA  

Yesterday Marius and me fished river Vangrofta. The fishing was great, the catching lousy. To have this gem of a river so close to Kvennan Fly Fishing is really something, it holds big wild trout up to and over 2 kg. There is plenty of big trout in Glomma, but because of the sheer size of the river they will be hard to find. Vangrofta can be covered totally with a fly rod, and the scenery is beautiful.  

Marius fishing river Vangrofta - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,84

The level has come up to 587,84 and the water is almost clear. I guess the water level will slowly fall again the next days, and fly fishing will be quite good. During the afternoon there can be some small hatches of size 18 - 20 may flies - Baetis species.

Swedish fly fisherman in the fly fishing zone - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,63

The water level is falling slowly, and so is the temperature of the water. I thought last week that fly fishing conditions would improve, but I was wrong. Fly fishing Glomma is quite slow at the moment, and to make it worse, it can be windy at times. The long term weather forecast is a mixed bag, but sooner or later the fishing will improve. Right now I have best results with Glomma Dog - a sculpin imitation. River Glomma is really loaded with sculpin and as long as there are no bugs, why not try to 'match the hatch' ...

casting to a good spot - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,44

Water level and water temperature are close to ideal for this time of the year. The fishing is picking up now, at some places a few rising fish can be found, and there is some activity of caddis (dark, #14) and there are needle flies around. Try black & red ants, CDC caddis, zebra midge emerger etc.

nice grayling from the fly fishing zone  

Fly fishing conditions are not really great (yet) but with a little effort nice catches can be made.

water level - 587,85

A lot of rain fell in the last 24 hours, and the river is rising and a bit dirty. More rain is predicted, and conditions for grayling fishing are not great. Streamer fishing for trout can be good right now.

good sized trout from the fly fishing zone - photo HVA  

water level - 587,93

The water in Glomma at KFF is clear again and the level is falling. Yesterday I tried the stretch behind the isles at the campsite and had decent fishing. Quite a few small grayling, but also a bunch good sized fish, using (rising) nymphs and streamers. Conditions for fly fishing Glomma are fair right now.
On the pic Bart from Holland, I guided him and his father. Due to the dirty water in Glomma at Tuesday I took them to another small river nearby where Bart landed this nice grayling. On Monday we fished Glomma with dry flies (ants and caddis imitations) with nice results - no really big grayling but plenty of fish up to 41 cm.

Bart from Holland with a nice grayling from a nearby small stream - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,71

Autumn is already colouring the trees, and fly fishing conditions improve by the day. At some places rising grayling can be found, but sometimes they will be hard to spot - the fish only leaves a bubble on the water. If you don't now where to look, you will miss them. There are still not many bugs on the water, but there are needle flies and small caddis around. I also saw some Baetis spinners, if you're lucky enough to encounter a spinner fall you'll be in for some good fishing. In the mean time: try black ants, griffith gnat, zebra, iron blue dun etc. On the pic a big grayling I landed last week, she took a #16 zebra dry fly.

1,2 kg grayling from around Glomma watershed, she took a #16 zebra midge - photo HVA  

water level - 587,33

Water level and temperature are perfect at Kvennan Fly Fishing, and there are good reports coming in every day. Eric from Holland reported a 48 cm grayling on a #16 dry fly (zebra) and Edwin had quite a few 40+ cm grayling, also on small dries. Very important is perfect presentation - if anything in the drift of your fly is wrong, the fish will refuse your fly. If you get rises on your fly but fail to hook the fish, chances are the grayling are only making "inspection rises" - it might be smart to change your fly ...

Edwin casting a streamer for big trout - photo HVA  

On the pictures Eric and Edwin from Holland. Like the last years they are staying in Telstad - a perfect accommodation for bigger groups of fly fishing friends !

Eric having fun with a dry fly in the Eidsfossen zone - Photo HVA  

water level - 587,25

The weather has been very fine in the last week, and the long term forecast is also pretty good. Beautiful autumn days with a lot of sunshine and not much wind, combined with low water level in Glomma, make the fly fishing conditions almost as good as it gets. Almost, because we are still waiting for some good hatches. The second generation of Baetis rhodani and Baetis niger mayflies will hatch in the coming weeks, and there should also be more activity of medium sized caddis.

Hein making a roll cast  

In the mean time fly fishing can be excellent, some fishermen reported very good catches up to and over 30 grayling per day on dry flies, and a lot of good sized fish up to 45 cm. Flies that work : zebra, griffith gnat, small black mayfly imitations, caddis in all sizes, black ant imitations. Streamers as Glomma Dog will always bring in some good fish, my favourite nymph for the whole summer and autumn is the tiny Black and Silver nymph - it works just fine now.

Hein playing a nice grayling, Eidsfossen zone, September 2014  

A few photo's of me this time, fishing the Eidsfossen zone last Friday. Thanks Edwin for the pictures !

water level - 587,20

The last week we had beautiful Indian summer days at the river, no wind and a lot of sun. I heard from several fishermen they had good fishing, Christian and his friends from Sweden send me this message : "Hey ! Just got home from Kvennan and we had 3 days of awesome fishing ! We used Griffith gnat and 2 super puppa specials that I tie ... Got around 25 graylings a day, even early in the morning with the mist and all ! " Marc and his friends from Holland ended their week at KFF with a day of good fishing near the bridge, landing some nice big grayling on dry and wet flies, Marius reported good fishing on dry flies in the upper part of the fly fishing zone, he used #20 mayfly imitations, super puppa and patterns alike and landed quite a few nice grayling up to 45 cm, and a few good sized trout. I guided three Norwegian fly fishermen on Saturday and we landed a nice bunch of grayling, at least one of them was over 45 cm.

fish on ! photo HVA  

This nice weather will continue for a few days, they say, and I guess the coming weekend could be one of the nicest of the year for fly fishing Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing...

Autumn day on the lower part of the fly fishing zone - Photo HVA   

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