Read what these GLOMMA fishermen say about KFF

Interviews with fly fishermen

Bernd Ziesche 

“ I was born in 1974 near to Hamburg in Germany. At the age of four I came in touch with fishing for the first time and soon afterwards I caught my first fish: an eel. When I was five with the help of my grandfather I caught my first sea trout on a sailing ship at the Baltic sea.  Behind many other fields of fly fishing like building my own rods and fly tying, I focused at fly casting. I took part in many fly casting courses with national and international well known instructors. Since the end of the nineties ....."

Hein van Aar

Can you tell something about yourself ?“ In 2003 I lost my job in Holland, and I decided to try to realize an old dream: working and living in Scandinavia. Håvard, the owner of Kvennan Camping, offered me a summer job. Two years later we started Kvennan Fly Fishing. The river board employed me as a manager for the KFF project, river keeper, fishing inspector and webmaster. If there is some time left, I go fishing with friends and KFF guests, and I am a Glomma fly fishing guide. My original ..... " 

Interview with a fisherman Per Kardell

Per Kardell

What do you like about river Glomma and the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone ? 
“ I know the river quite well and it's even better now with the zone. ”Can you tell something about the old days at river Glomma ?“Normally you catch smaller fish in big numbers, but now and then real big ones that you do not see nowadays. ” Did you catch any really big fish in Glomma ? “ Yes mid June 1976 grayling 1,8 kilos length 59cm ..... ”

Matt Hayes

“ Well, I am a professional fisherman ( a drop-out really!) I gave up a really successful office job to try my luck at writing and making fishing tv programmes and the rest is history. I have made lots of tv shows for Discovery television about fishing and I have travelled the world chasing my dream. I am married with two kids. My wife (I have re-married) is a Norwegian girl and between us we run the Winsnes fly fishing lodge on Gaula in the summer. We are ....."

Hans van Klinken

“ I was born in 1956. I started fly fishing at the age of 15 in Norway and fell in love with the beauty of the Northern Regions almost immediately. I frequently travelled to Scandinavia to spend there most of my holidays until the late nineties. It was in the large variety of the river systems and lakes of Scandinavia that I honed my fly fishing skills. I began fly-tying in 1976. By the early eighties, I was creating my own designs, mostly parachutes ....."  

Walter Rijksen

“ The Glomma is a wonderful river with many faces: deep and slow in parts, fast running in others. Somebody called it the shining river, and that is true: travelling north from Oslo you can see the river for many miles, shining to you in whatever light conditions. The Kvennan zone is perfect for fly fishing: within a couple of miles you have a lot of first quality water with great variety. From steady flows to fast running stretches, so you can use all kind of tactics. Kvennan camping is very nice ....."

Ivar Øyan

“ After many years living at different places in Norway I moved back to Tolga 8 years ago . I have a wife and three children. I worked as a teacher, instructor and farmer but right now my occupation is carpenter. (A bonus of learning this work is that you don’t need to hire an expensive hand worker to do all the renovation in your own home.) In my younger days I spend all the time competing in cross country skiing and long distance running races. Now I use nearly all my spare time ....."

Jan van Zandwijk

Can you tell something about yourself ? “ My name is Jan van Zandwijk, I live in Holland. My hobbies are fly fishing and fly tying, and I like to spend my holidays in Norway to visit Glomma river and it's tributaries. I am 48 years old. ” How long and where have you been fly fishing ? “ I am into fly fishing for 20 years now, and I fished rivers and lakes in Scotland, England, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway..... “

Pieter Boone 

“ The Glomma is a very beautiful river, shining indeed and it is a rain-fed river which is a rather unique fact in south and mid Norway. Therefore it's a food-rich river and one of the few rivers with a grayling population and certainly thé river with so much fish in it. Masses of grayling! This of course counts for the Kvennan stretch as well. In addition the Kvennan stretch has a great variation of water types: from calm ripples till white currents. It has everything ! ..... ”


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