Kvennan Fly Fishing

Fly fishing videos

Fly fishing video - The Devaux Academy in Norway / part 1 - 2022

"The first episode of a series of 4, where Jean-Marc and Jean-Claude fish the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone. A return for one, a discovery for the other, but a common goal. Observe, learn and understand the behavior of the queen of this river, the grayling. A first day full of surprises." Spoken language is French, subs available.  A video by Hervé FIEUJEAN - 2022

Fly fishing video - Fly fishing Norway - Big grayling ! - 2019

"It is said that the Glomma is one of the best grayling rivers in Norway. I set out to find out whether there was any truth to this statement..." Spoken language is German, subs available.  A video by shortfishstories - 2019

Fly fishing video - Zpey Flyfishing - WE FISH GLOMMA - 2021

For a couple of years ago, we went fishing in Glomma, at Kvennan Fly Fishing located in the north part of the valley "Østerdalen" in Norway. It was late in the season, but we end up with a few grayling and trout as well. A video by Zpey Flyfishing - 2021

Fly fishing video - The River Glomma Norway - 2018

Tracking the fishing trip of a few anglers seeking out the best Grayling fishing Norway has to offer on the mighty river Glomma. A short film by Alan Ward - 2018

Fly fishing video - autumn dry fly fishing Glomma at KFF

Marius and Hein fish two good stretches in the fly fishing zone and land a bunch of nice and big grayling. A video by Hein - 2017.

Fly fishing video - Jerry fishes the lower end of the KFF zone

Jerry from Holland, a great fly caster & rod builder, fisher the lower end of the fly fishing zone - the "second labyrinth". A video by Hein - 2017. 

Fly fishing video - Hein fishes a riffle in river Grimsa

Marius films when Hein fishes river Grimsa. A short video by Hein - 2017.

Fly fishing video - Høstharrfiske - a Swedish video about autumn fishing at KFF

William Moberg-Faulds from Sweden fishes with Gudmund from Fishspot at a few good places on river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing. The spoken language is Norwegian and Swedish, no subs available. A video by William Moberg-Faulds - 2014.

Fly fishing video - a 54 cm grayling, landed by Hein 

Marius films when Hein plays and lands a really big grayling.
A short video by Hein - 2017.

Fly fishing video - Les trésors de la haute Glomma - NORVEGE

A nice video, mostly about grayling fly fishing at KFF. The spoken language is French, but you can turn on subs and auto-translate them into your language. A film by Fishing Adventures GTS - 2018

Fly fishing video - Fly Fishing Norway - Glomma, by Bernd Ziesche

Fly fishing for grayling, Brown trout, pike, and more in Norway Glomma with Bernd Ziesche. Fishing Glomma at KFF, Hodalen Lakes pike. And a few extras ...
A film by Bernd Ziesche - 2016.

Fly fishing video - Norway Grayling Paradise (produced by Luchuanhang)

Sun Flyfishing made this beautiful film about fly fishing at KFF in 2018. Spoken language is Chinese (KFF attracts fly fishers from all over the world), but you can turn on subtitles. A video by Sun Flyfishing - 2018

Fly fishing video - a Fishspot promotion video.

Video footage by Hein and the voice of Matt Hayes edited by Fishspot in this nice promotion video from 2017. 

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