Kvennan Fly Fishing

Fly tying videos

Fly tying video - Glomma Stonefly

This is the pattern I like to tie as an imitation of the early season - grey stoneflies.
It works exceptionally well during the June hatches of size 10 stoneflies. In small sizes (hook 16/18) it is usable to imitate needle flies.

Fly tying video - Glomma Parachute Ant

The video shows how I like to tie my Glomma parachute ant, using black flexibody to form the body. This fly works best for me in the riffles. On slow flowing water I prefer to use a simple foam ant.

Fly tying video - Black Parachute Emerger

Nothing special of course, it's basically a Klinkhamer, but tied on a emerger hook,
and I like to use flexibody to built the fly. It gives a nice segmented look to the fly,
and more important, the grayling just love this fly in high - and late summer.

Fly tying video - Black and Silver nymph

A very simple nymph, really easy to tie but effective in Glomma. Make a few in large sizes for early season, you want to have a few size 12 - 14 for July, and size 16 - 18 for August en September. 

Fly tying video - Dynamite Harry

Jörgen Danielsson from Sweden ties his Dynamite Harry, and the next morning he shows how to fish it in the former Eidsfossen zone - so just 1 km upstream of Kvennan camping. All in all a very good and simple to tie autumn fly, and a nice portrait of Jörgen fishing.

Fly tying video - how I like to tie the Griffith's Gnat.

This all-round and classic grayling fly works almost always in the autumn. And it is really easy to ty. I use TMC 102-Y hooks, #17 and #19. If you tie in the hackle as I did in the video, it will not likely come loose, making it a vary sturdy little fly.

Fly tying video - how I like to tie the Zebra CDC midge emerger.

Most times I use size 16 to 20, and for me it is a perfect fly to imitate midges, but it
also  works great when Iron blue duns are hatching (Baetis niger), or when there are needle flies on the water. Use long and thin tippets, make long drag-free drifts.

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