River Glomma

Fishing zones

In Norway the landowners also have the disposal of the fishing-rights. In this area the landowners have united in the Tolga-Tynset River Board to distribute fishing licenses and to ensure good fish stock management. We divided the total river stretch into four fishing zones : the Tolga zone, the Eidsfossen (Eids waterfall) zone, the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone and the Tynset zone. The borders of these zones are well marked by big signs standing along the river bank The total length of the Tolga-Tynset stretch is 39 km and the river falls 63 m in altitude.

The Tolga zone

This zone starts at the old bridge of Tolga, and ends at the Eids waterfall. It is about 7 km long, and at most places the current is fast to very fast. It is difficult to wade because of the strong current and the big stones at the river bed. There are a few places with deeper channels, and a bit slower current. These are the places to fish for grayling. You can expect to find trout everywhere, and quite a few Norwegian fisherman favour this river stretch for it's nice trout fishing. The fall in this river zone is ca 35 m, and at most places Glomma is about 90 m wide. The average depth is about 1 meter, don't try to cross the river, you will be swimming !

The Kvennan Fly Fishing zone

The Kvennan Fly Fishing zone starts at the beginning of Eidsfossen - the Eids waterfall - where the power lines cross the river, and ends 15,2 km downstream, near Abrua bridge. Near the waterfall there are some very deep holes in the river bed, and many interesting eddies and hiding places for big trout. Every year some big trout up to 4 kg are landed, and the biggest grayling I've heard of also comes from this zone (67 cm, 3 kg) The area best suited for grayling fly fishing starts about 1 km upstream of Kvennan Camping, where the current slows down from fast to medium fast. Just in front of the campsite, near the isles, you can expect to have great fly fishing during the whole season. Just downstream of the campsite the river is max. 120 m wide, and the total fall from the Eidsfossen is about 17 meter. The average depth varies from 0,5 meter to 1,5 meter. It is possible to cross the river just downstream the isles at Kvennan Camping, if you are careful. You will need a wading staff. Further downstream there are several groups of isles in the river, all of them provide great opportunities for fly fishing. The speed of the current is at most places quite low resulting in good circumstances for dry fly fishing, but there are also many sections with faster current. The river falls 10 more meters, and can be up to 160 meters wide. The gravel bottom makes wading easy. The depth ranges from 0,5 m to about 5 meter in a deep hole close to Aakerøien Camping, and if you go from isle to isle it is possible to cross the river at a few places. A wading staff might be very useful, I never go fishing without it.

The Tynset zone

Where the FF zone ends, the Tynset zone begins. It ends between Tynset and Alvdal, at Auma bridge. At most places the current is very slow and the river looks more like a lake. The river bed is sandy, and there is an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Averaging the river is 90 meters wide, and by far to deep to cross. She falls only 1 meter, and the zone is 19 km long. You can also fish river Tunna, a side river that enters Glomma just west of Tynset. Since 2009 there is a fly fishing only stretch in Tunna.

Glomma fishing zones

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