Interview with a fisherman

Per Kardell

Can you tell something more about yourself ?

“ I'm on my 58:th year, fly fishing and hunting are my main interests. ”
How long have you been a fly fisherman, and where have you been fishing among others ?
“ Been a fly fisherman since 1963, first dry-fly grayling in Glomma since '63. Long list. ”

Why do you like river Glomma and the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone ?

“ I know the river quite well and it's even better now with the zone. ”

Can you tell something about the old days at river Glomma ?

“Normally you catch smaller fish in big numbers, but now and then real big ones that you do not see nowadays. ”

Did you catch any really big fish in Glomma ?

“ Yes mid June 1976 grayling 1,8 kilos length 59cm. ”

What is your favourite dry fly ? 

“ Several, my own specialities are nameless both mayflies and sedges. ”

What is your favourite nymph ? 

“ No one in particular, I'm a dry-fly man. ”

How long leader do you use, and how thick is your tippet ?

“ Normally 12ft, 0,12 - 0,10 mm. ”

Do you loose a lot of fish when fishing without a barb on your hook ?

“ No, as long as you keep a tight line and it doesn't matter if they go. ”

What do you think about the new rules & regulations ?

“ Bulls eye! ”

What should be your best advice for a fellow Glomma fly fisherman ? 

“Don't rush, sit on the bank, look for risers and what they eat. ”

What should be your best advice for river management ?

“ Keep up the good spirit, and follow the new path.”

Is there something more you want to share ? 

“ Cannot think of anything right now, there are a lot of memories. ”

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