Interview with a fisherman

Ivar Øyan   

Interview:  summer 2008    

Can you tell something about yourself ?

“ After many years living at different places in Norway I moved back to Tolga 8 years ago . I have a wife and three children. I worked as a teacher, instructor and farmer but right now my occupation is carpenter. (A bonus of learning this work is that you don’t need to hire an expensive hand worker to do all the renovation in your own home.) In my younger days I spend all the time competing in cross country skiing and long distance running races. Now I use nearly all my spare time photographing nature and specially landscapes. And of course guiding lot's of enthusiastic fly fisherman in Glomma. ”

Ivar fishing river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing  - Photo HVA  

How long and where have you been fly fishing ?

“ I started fly fishing when my uncle gave me a fly rod to my confirmation ( I was 15) back in 1979 and I remember I hoped that all the people should leave the party so I could start my casting training. I have only fished in Norway and Sweden. Yes, and of course shark fishing in Seattle USA, that was fun. ”

What do you like about river Glomma and the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone ?

“ Because I grew up a few meters from the riverbank, and have spend so many hours in the river I absolutely have a good feeling when I stay in some current and spot a wonderful rise and smell the smoke from a campfire. I feel free. And I really mean this part of Glomma is an outstanding stretch for especially grayling, fly fisherman from all around the world came here year after year and that tellls enough about the standard. The rivers capability to reproduce is fantastic, that’s also what the scientist reports tell us. ”

just before dark, river Glomma  - Photo HVA  

Can you tell something about the old days at river Glomma ?

“ I started fishing when I was a small kid, first with long bamboo rods and worms in creeks around here. But soon I began to learn from looking at the Swedish fisherman, who stayed in middle of river with their long waders. And for a young Norwegian boy (remember we do not have a long history with fly fishing in Norway, only lords from Britain do that he he. ) this was totally new and exiting. I started fly fishing without waders, and fished for hours wearing only shorts, it was cold but I was totally in my own world. My mom was really worried about my health in that time. ”

Ivar fishing a streamer on a sunny day in spring, KFF,  river Glomma  - Photo HVA  

Did you catch any really big fish in Glomma ?

“ My biggest grayling caught with fly is 1,2 kg. In spring with a heavy nymph. ”

What is your favourite dry fly ? 

“ Favorite dry fly through many years is definitely the Swedish superpuppan with grey and yellow body - a real killer in Glomma. ”

Ivar fishing a streamer on a sunny day in spring, KFF,  river Glomma  - Photo HVA  

What is your favorite nymph ?

“ Nymph Green and pink shrimp heavy weighted + spiders like partridge and orange. Grayling loves colorful flies with lot of sparkling material. ”

How long leader do you use, and how thick is your tippet ?

“ 9 feet leader, tippet 3 feet , 0,15 ”

Do you loose a lot of fish when fishing without a barb on your hook ?

“ If I do things correct, tight lines all time, I really do not loose more fish than with barb. ”

large Glomma grayling on a large streamer  - Photo HVA   

What do you think about the new rules & regulations ?

“ For Norwegians catch and release is rather a new issue, we learned that fish is only food and therefore most be killed, we shall not fish only for fun. But this way of thinking starts to change slowly particularly among Norwegian fly fishermen. I think the new rules in Kvennan Fly Fishing zone are an absolutely need for the future if we shall compete with the rest of the world. But I also think we don’t need this strict rules in every river and lake, only where the pressure is highest. We need good support and positive mention from the local society and from fisherman that think more traditional and conservative. If fisherman need fish for dinner he or she will find plenty of rivers and lakes with those possibilities around here. ”

river Glomma, "the shining river "   - Photo HVA  

What should be your best advice for a fellow Glomma fly fisherman ? 

“ Do your homework, try to figure out as much as possible about relevant issues before arriving at new places. Ask local experts, so you don't spend to much time seeking good spots, find suitable flies and the best tactics for this river. Don’t hurry be happy. Remember this is your holiday, you shall not compete or ? Have a nice time !!!! ”

the end of a nice day on the river ...   Photo HVA  

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