Water level in Glomma

Water level Glomma 2007


Because of the increasing temperature and the rain of the last days, the river has come up. Far from ideal for fly fishing, but there are still possibilities.


Seems that water levels are falling nicely. If you know where to fish you will have really nice fly fishing - with nymphs, that is


Some guys from the US (working in Germany) visited Kvennan Fly Fishing and they had good fun - nice weather and good fishing. The water level is falling, the temperature increasing. Water colour is a bit dark still.


Because of the rain and higher air temperature the water level has come up very fast. I cannot give exact figures, the site of GLB is off line, but I know fly fishing is almost impossible now. If it will not rain anymore the water will be clear within 24 hours, and there will be very nice fly fishing between the isles at the campsite


What goes up must come down - and things can go fast. Fly fishing is already possible again, between the isles at the campsite.


Water level is still falling, a bit slower now. It's very warm weather at Kvennan this week, and the last snow in the mountains is melting. The temperature of the water has increased fast, this morning it was 13 degrees Celsius. I think grayling doesn't like this very rapidly increasing temperature, and the fish may need some time to get used to it. But dry fly fishing will soon, very soon, be great.


OK, the level is in the greens again, so fishing and wading is possible at most places. Some Swedish guys reported dry fly activity in the evening, Carl hooked and lost a big trout (about 60 cm) on a nymph,  Walter and his sun Dennis from Holland experienced nice dry fly fishing and exiting Czech nymphing.


The level is quite stable ate the moment. Fishing is OK with some reports of nice dry fly fishing (super pupa).


OK, now the fun starts. Fish is rising to mayflies everywhere, even though the water temperature has fallen with two degrees. In the night the larger brown sedges are very active and the fishing can be very good.


Dry fly fishing is very good, lot of reports from happy fisherman. The grayling and trout are rising to many different species of flies, biggest grayling until now 52 cm (John) and some nice trout.


Water level is still falling, and conditions are perfect for dry fly fishing. Try Klinkhamer Special or BWO parachute.


Some rainy days have raised the water level a bit. Next week the prospects for the weather are good, and the fishing will be nice. BWO is still hatching, and so is Baetis Niger. And if everything else fails, there is always the Superpupa.


Eijo from Sweden reported great fishing in the fly fishing zone, he had 5 grayling between 46 and 50 cm on a super pupa. Hans from Borlange had one of 48 cm, also on a dry fly. The water level is still falling, slowly, and the level is perfect. Small black may flies are hatching, Baetis Niger.


Good fly fishing for nice grayling and some trout in the deeper places of Glomma. Hatches of several species of may flies, and I have seen some big sedges. Use small may flies imitations.


Strong winds make casting difficult. Not many hatches at the moment, and the fishing is not really easy now. But there are reports about nice fly fishing.


Water level is falling still, we need some rain ! Unlike the south of Norway, where there are big floods because of heavy showers, it's been dry and nice weather here for weeks now. The fishing is changing all the time - around midnight seems to be the best time for hatches.


It rained since yesterday afternoon. The water level has come up a bit, and that's good for the fishing. The grayling have changing moods, they can be quite easy to catch one day, and some hours later the same day they can be very, very difficult. Well, it should not be to easy all the time


Water level has come up the last days. Not to much, the level is great for fly fishing. When the water rises fishing will be slow, when it gets stable again, and falls a bit, fishing will be good.


Because of the rain the level has come up again, but it still is (just) below normal. If the rain continues, the river will come up more. The fishing can be slow now, but also very, very good. Some young Swedish guys had a trout between 1,5 and 2 kg on a dry fly. Every day fisherman report trout and grayling up to 44 cm. There are not many hatches, you should try upstream nymphing (tip : hook size 16 - 18, black).


Water level has fallen, and the temperature of the water is quite stable, in day time about 15 degrees Celsius. If the night is cold, the temperature will drop to about 8 - 10 degrees, and during the morning the water will warm again. This is the time to go fishing ! Last week some Swedish guys had a trout of 2,2 kg on a dry fly, and I had about 5 trout between 45 and 50 cm, on a streamer. If you like dry fly fishing more, try classical upstream fishing with an ant, and remember, all colors are good as long as they are black.


The last two months water level is around 587.50, and this is a very good level for fly fishing. There are still grayling rising, and the fly fishing is usually good. Mischa and Loek from Amsterdam had nice dry fly fishing using Klinkhamer and Griffith gnat, the biggest fish was for Loek - grayling 47 cm. Kristian from Ridalen fished with Rapala in the Tolga zone and had several nice trout : biggest ones 1,7 and 2,2 kg.


For some days now there are no data from Hummelvoll, but the water level is quite low, and stable. Normal level for this time of year is 587,54.

 Marius from Tolga reported a grayling of 1,3 kg on a dry fly, and several fisherman saw some big trout jumping (hunting for small fish?).


No data from Hummelfjell, but the water level is stable and low. Not much rain the last days, and there will be some nice weather the coming days they say. In the afternoon there are massive hatches of small Olives - size 14 - 18, and grayling is rising for them everywhere.


Almost the end of the season, and fishing is still very good. Every day in the early afternoon a hatch of small Baetis flies starts, and both trout and grayling are feeding heavily on them. If you don't know where to go, come to the kiosk at Kvennan and ask me (Hein) where to fish. The fishing and the camping are open until October 15th.

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