Interview with a fisherman

Bernd Ziesche   

Interview:  summer 2008

Can you tell something about yourself ?

“ I was born in 1974 near to Hamburg in Germany. At the age of four I came in touch with fishing for the first time and soon afterwards I caught my first fish: an eel. When I was five with the help of my grandfather I caught my first sea trout on a sailing ship at the Baltic sea. "

" Behind many other fields of fly fishing like building my own rods and fly tying, I focused at fly casting. I took part in many fly casting courses with national and international well known instructors. Since the end of the nineties I teach single hand and double hand casting as a certified fly casting instructor, and I published some articles in the German fly fishing magazine "Der Fliegenfischer". With the formation of my Fly Fishing School “ First Cast” I’m now starting my own business on fly fishing. 2008 Will be a busy year for me, among other projects I plan to offer guided fly fishing trips in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and I spend a lot of time organizing the “German Fly Festival 2008” : April 26th and 27th, Wotersen Castle, near Hamburg.”

Bernd fishing river Glomma with high water conditions, just upstream of Kvennan Camping - Photo HVA  

How long and where have you been fly fishing ?
“ With fly-fishing I came in contact at the age of twelve. Little later I caught my first fish on the fly rod which was an ide. At this moment I immediately discovered my true passion for fly fishing. At the beginning of the nineties I caught my first sea trout at the coast of the Baltic Sea with the fly rod. Starting that day I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to fly fishing. "

" Over the years I gathered more and more experience on the whole range of fly fishing based on many trips to different countries. I fished mainly in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Also I fished for many different species of fish at places like the Bahamian Islands and the Florida Keys, the Caribbean sea in front of Venezuela, Slovenia and Austria, as well as in some other countries. The center of my trips was always built on the sea trout fishing around the coast of the Baltic Sea. And today I have a strong wealth of experience on fishing the coastline. “

Bernd Ziesche lands a beautiful Glomma grayling - Photo HVA  

What do you like about river Glomma and the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone ?

“ The Glomma is the longest river of Norway. It offers me the possibility to fish nymph and dry fly for trout and grayling as well as fishing with the streamer for pike. It has beautiful nature and the area of the Kvennan beat is perfect for fly fishing. I really like the idea of the catch and release zone, where you can only keep one or three fish a day. The service at Kvennan Camping due to the guide service is excellent.”

Can you tell something about the old days at river Glomma ?

“ I am fishing the beat of Kvennan Camping place since 1995 and the fishing has increased over the last three years due to the C & R project. The service at the camping place was always good but compared to ‘95 it gets more and more a big family among the Glomma Anglers. The signs on the river indicating where I can fish are getting better. At the older times this wasn't very good.”

grayling on the streamer - Bernd Ziesche, river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing - Photo HVA  

Did you catch any really big fish in Glomma ?
“ Yes, and I made some really good fly fishing friends out on the water ! Fantastic people out there.”

What is your favorite dry fly ?

“ The Klinkhamer”

nice grayling that took Bernd's dry fly, river Glomma just below Eidsfossen waterfall   

What is your favorite nymph ?
“The one I just caught the fish with.”

How long leader do you use, and how thick is your tippet ?

Nymph 0,5m (from the indicator) to 2,5m and 0,10mm to 0,16mm “

Bernd Ziesche shows a large trout he landed on a big streamer in river Glomma at KFF   

Do you loose a lot of fish when fishing without a barb on your hook ?
“ No. It works fine. I feel I don't loose any fish compared to a hook with barb.”

What do you think about the new rules & regulations ?

“ It's great ! The results for the river keep me joining the fishing there again and again. “

Bernd Ziesche releases a huge grayling - Photo HVA  

What should be your best advice for a fellow Glomma fly fisherman ?
“ Put one grayling on the fire for eating at the riverside and join to release the rest of the fish you will catch. Realize the nature and all the nice surroundings instead of the filled freezer.”

What should be your best advice for river management ?

“ Ever thought about a total protection zone on the river ? Give one "Hakenlöser" (a good one) - "hook remover" to every fly fisherman. A paper with simple instructions how to use it and filled up with some advices on how to handle a fish perfectly should go to everyone in addition. This should happen to be sure that everyone will do his or her best to protect the stock of the Glomma. There are too many graylings with hook damages. This did not happen to be after the C & R Zone was set. It was always the same over the years. But it should be optimized. Don't allow to keep three trout a day ! Completely protect the bigger trout !! “

Bernd and Hein at river Grimsa  

Is there something more you want to share ?
“ One day guided nymph fishing by Hein van Aar may change your (fly fishing) life ! “

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