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Every year some big trout are taken in our fishing zones. A favourite place for them is just down stream of Eids waterfall, but also in the slower and deep stretches there are good opportunities to hook one. For instance just in front of Aaker°ien Camping, there is a very deep hole in the river bed, holding big trout and pike.
Some years ago at Kvennan Camping, fisherman Rolf from Germany took a huge trout of 80 cm and 5,5 kg on a worm. Another monster was taken by Tore from Alvdal on a wobbler while fishing for pike, this one measured 88 cm and weighted 7,3 kg. Of cause you need a lot of luck to hook a fish like this, and landing it will be the next problem.

In early season of the year 2006 I was lucky enough to hook, land and release two trout of 64 and 68 cm, weighting 3 and 3,5 kg. I took them also from the shore, just in front of Kvennan Camping. There was a hole in the river bed, made by the ice the winter before, and both these trout came from the same hole. They went for a size 10 gold head hare's ear nymph. I was fishing for grayling with my small #5 Orvis rod, and I was using a tippet of only 14/100. By following these fish downstream, and beaching them in the shallow water, I was able to land them. I never had bigger brown trout in my fly fishing life, and I doubt if I will ever beat this personal record !

So Glomma is well known for it's large grayling population, among Norwegian fisherman it is also famous for it's big trout. Last summer I experimented a bit with salmon fishing in River Gaula, and I tried this style of fishing in Glomma : fishing a steamer down and across, using a long leader and a floating line. The results were surprising to me, in the fly fishing zone I landed and released about 15 trout between 40 and 50 cm. Most of them took a minnow imitation made of grizzle feathers, fished just below the surface.








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