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Fly Tying

click on the small picture for the pattern

Daddy Long legs

Simple to tie, a bit ugly fly, but it brings up almost every grayling in middle and late summer, in both fast and slow water. I use micro fibets to imitate the legs, and it doesn't seem to matter that there are only four legs instead of six.... Be prepared for exciting takes !

Green Sedge Emerger

A good fly that has been working well for me since June, is this green sedge emerger pattern. I tie it on a size 12 emerger hook, the body is made of flexi body, wing and thorax CDC feathers.  I like to use Marc Petitjean's CDC oil or Airflo Repel spray to make it float.

Zebra midge pattern and green sedge nymph

Fly tying, dry fly pattern "Zebra" by Jan van Zandwijk and an imitation of Rhyacophila nymph (green sedge) by Hein.


Dynamite Harry

Jörgen Danielsson ties the "Dynamite Harry" and fishes the Eidsfossen zone. Dry fly fishing, some nice grayling.

Glomma Dog

Fly tying video - how to tie and fish the Glomma Dog grayling streamer


Klinkhamer Special

Hans van Klinken ties his famous dry fly - the Klinkhamer Special. As far as I know is this the only video showing how the master ties his pattern.





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