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The fishing season

The fishing season starts June 1th. The first peak of the spring flood, caused by melting of the snow in the valleys, is over and in most years the river is quite fishable with nymphs, and if you are lucky there also can be dry fly activity. This is also the best time to fish for big trout using streamers. Good streamer patterns are imitations of sculpin, average size of the streamer could be about 10 cm. Dry flies : dark stoneflies, size 10 - 16, Klinkhamer patterns. Nymphs : gold bead patterns, Czech style nymphs, sizes 8 - 12.
After a week or so the river comes up again, caused by melting of snow in the mountains. As long as the water remains clear fly fishing is possible, at the peak of this flood the water will be very dirty and unfishable. This usually lasts a few days, as soon as the water starts to fall again it will clear up and the fishing improves day by day. In this early season you will find relatively big fish in the river, it seems that the smaller grayling is still in the deeper parts downstream. These small guys, the "recruits" will arrive around the third week of June.

Early summer
In most years the water level will be perfect for fly fishing from June 15th. There will be hatches from small sedge, size 14-18, and the first mayflies flies appear. Species like Baetis
Rhodani and Ephemerella Ignita can be expected. Use parachute Blue winged olive patterns, or use CDC patterns. Klinkhamers are always an option. In the night big brown sedges are active.

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