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Kvennan Camping                                          website : http://www.kvennancamping.no

Since the old days Kvennan Camping has been a very popular place, especially among Swedish fishermen. The campsite was established in 1966, and the current owners (Hâvard, Kirsti and Karen) bought the place in 1986. In the past years there has been done a lot of work to improve the campsite, and a few high standard cabins were build.
The name Kvennan means "mill creek", and it comes from the small stream that runs through the campsite.
Kvennan Camping is an excellent meeting place for fly-fishers from all over Europe, and in the summer evenings there will be small fires all over the place where the daily fishing results are being discussed.

There are in total 20 cabins for rent, ranging from small two-bed cabins to a big 6 persons cabin.  For the guests who prefer to camp there are about 40 places, ca. 15 places are only a few meters from the river.

The campsite is open from May 15th until October 15th.

You can contact Kvennan Camping by phone : (0047) - 4821 7014
or by e-mail : kvennancamping@gmail.com

For more information have a look at Kvennan Camping's website.





contact : kff@kvennan.com

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