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Aaker°ien Camping                     website: http://www.aakeroien-camping.com/index.php?L=EN


Aaker°ien Camping is a new established small campsite, located in the lower part of the Fly-fishing zone. The owner, Morten, is a keen fisherman himself, and has been fishing this stretch of river Glomma since he was a small boy. He can recommend you good places to fish. The cabins have four beds and a television.

There are 6 cabins, the price is 350 nok / night or 2100 nok / week.

You can contact Aaker°ien Camping by phone : (0047) - 9587 9484
or by e-mail :

For more information have a look at Aaker°ien Camping's website.






contact : kff@kvennan.com

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